Hey there, entrepreneur! Simone the Mastermind here. I have been in business full time for over seven years. However, it wasn't until just a few years back that I realized that I was tired of just staying afloat or just making enough to cover the bills. I wanted more. There was a lifestyle I desired to have--one that I was desired to live.

Once I obtained that lifestyle, I desired to maintain it. There were so many things I wanted to do and experience so I knew that in order to make it all happen, I had to switch up my mindset, expand my thinking, and set goals outside of my comfort zone. There is no personal or professional growth in comfort. I had to get sick and tired of the struggle to understand that it was time to stop with the self-sabotage and go hard for my brand. It was time that I had to stop playing small.

Have you gotten to that point? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and into your winning season? If so, I want to chat with you. It's time to shake things up.