Please note that all sales are final. There are no refunds. Deposits may be required to retain services, which is also non-refundable. Exchanges are at the discretion of Akamai Enterprise, LLC., and its affiliates.

There are no refunds on digital products. Customers are responsible for downloading their files within the first thirty (30) days. After thirty (30) days, the link will expire. Once the link expires, you will be required to purchase again.

Reschedules will require a 48-Hour notice. Customers are only allowed one (1) reschedule before a new booking is required. If customer reschedules in under the required 48-hour notice, a payment will be required to confirm booking. 

During consultations, you will receive a call. After a five (5) minute grace period, you will be required to make a new booking. 

Installment pay is based on approval within a third party site, Sezzle. We do not allow installment pay outside of the third-party available on our website.

If you have additional questions, please send an email to: prior to making a payment.